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Tweety Pie Tiger Monkey
Unisex Unisex Unisex
one size one size one size
Pig Cow
Unisex Unisex
one size - up to XL one size
Crocodile White Rabbit
Costume with Hood Unisex
one size one size - up to XL
Chicken Lion Rabbit 2
suit, feet, mask with hair jumpsuit, mask, gloves, feet jumpsuit with attached hood
one size one size one size
Queen Bee 1 Queen Bee 2 Bumblebee
petticoat dress, wings, headband petticoat dress, wings, headband top, skirt, sleevelets, wings, headpiece
one size - up to XL M/L 10-14


Caveman (3) Cavewoman 1 Cavewoman 2
robe, armband, headband, belt dress, armband, belt, necklace, bracelet dress, armband, headband, necklace, bracelet, club
one size 10-14 plus
club not included club not included  

Superman (2) King Kong / Gorilla (2) Spiderman
jumpsuit with muscle chest and boot tops, cape, moulded belt two-piece-suit with separate moulded hands and feet jumpsuit
42-44 M

Thunderbirds Virgil (2) Popeye-sailor-man
jumpsuit, sash, hat, boot covers shirt, trousers, belt, hat, muscle arms
M & L one size

Beer Bottle Woopi Cushion HotDog with mustard
hooded polyfoam one piece hooded polyfoam one piece hooded polyfoam one piece
top, trousers not included top, trousers not included top, trousers not included

Clown Jester Lady Clown Krazy Clown
jumpsuit with ruffle, hat, wig, gloves, shoes hooped dress with shirt, bowtie, hat, wig jacket, shirt front, trousers, hat, wig
trumpet not included tights & shoes not included 'stick' not included

Big Ears
jacket with top, trousers, hat with ears, beard

Medieval Queen - red Medieval Queen - purple Medieval Maiden - blue
dress, veil, head piece dress, headdress dress, overskirt, headdress
one size 12-14 plus

Medieval Maiden - burgandy Medieval Wench Queen Elisabeth (2)
dress, headpiece top, skirt dress, headpiece
one size 8-14 12-16

Medieval Renaissance Princess
dress, headpiece
10 - 12

Robin Hood (2) Lady Robin Hood
shirt, trousers with attached boot covers, hat, sash belt top, skirt, waistcoat, hat
M & XL 12-16
sword not included

Peasant Lady Tavern Wench
dress, waistcoat top, skirt, cap, apron
10-16 10-16
1 ltr glasses not included

Gypsy Medieval Queen Renaissence Lady
dress, waistcoat dress, headband dress
10 12-14 14-16

Medievel 2 Period 1 Period 2
dress, dress, dress,
16 12-14 12

Royal Tudor Knave Period 3 Victorian/Edwardian Lady
tunic, headpiece dress, long skirt, top
16 12-14 M

Viking Princess Viking
top, skirt, belt, cuffs, helmet shirt, trousers, belt, bootcovers, helmet
axe not included axe not included

robe, sash, headpiece
Monk (2) Priest (3)
robe with hood, cord belt, cross robe with collar, cross
M & XL plus

Nun 1 (2) Nun 2 (3) Pregnant Nun
dress, black headpiece dress, white headpiece dress, black headpiece, cross, inflatable pouch
plus plus M
  cross not included gloves not included

Confederate General (2) Captain Nelson
jacket, trousers, hat, sash belt jacket, trousers, hat
sword not included telescope not included

Crusader Rock Star King
tunic, cape, helmet shirt, trousers, belt, scarf Red velour robe, white spotted fur collar , crown
sword and shield not included Microphone not included Staff not included

Eskimo Mascarada Drag Fairy Queen
jacket with hood, trousers jacket, trousers, frill dress with wings
M/L M XL 44/46
knife & net not included walking stick not included wand not included

Sultan (2) Harem/Belly Dancer Harem/Belly Dancer
turban with plume, vest, sash, trousers shirt, sequin jacket, trousers with veil, belt, headpiece with veil top, trousers, veil
M/L 10-12 plus
sword not included

Sultan 2 Genie Snake Handler / Aladin
shirt, trousers, belt, hat shirt with vest, trousers, belt, hat Shirt and vest with attached "fake" hand and basket, snake hand puppet, trousers, turban, waist tie, shoe covers
one size M M

Glamourous Goddess Pharoh Egyptian / Greek Princess
velvet effect dress, sash and coins, wrist cuffs, gold wreath headdress robe, hat, collar, belt, armbands dress, headband, sandals
one size XL 10-16

Cleopatra 1 (2) Cleopatra 2 Nile Queen (2)
robe, ceinture, col, bandeau, sandals beaded dress, headdress, collar, sandals dress, belt, collar with cape, headpiece, armbands, sandals
S, M 10-14 10-16 & plus

Roman Senator Roman Lady Roman Warrior
robe, shoulder cape, head piece dress with elasticated waist, shoulder cape, cord belt, headband tunic, cuirass, armguards, legguards
up to 42 10-14 one size
    sword not included

Devil Woman UniSex Vampire UniSex Count Dracula
dress robe red (1) and black (1) - cape only
plus one size one size

Devilicious Widows Web Lady Brimstone
dress with collar, belt dress with collar, belt dress, collar, belt
10-14 plus plus
trident not included trident not included

Young Devil Lady Devil Sleeping Beauty Witch
dress, headpiece, waist sash dress, headpiece dress, headpiece
one size 8-14 10-16

Vamp - red (2) Vamp - purple (2) Dark Princess
dress, veil dress, veil dress, headband, choker
plus M M

Dracula Ghost/Goul Cool Ghost/Goul
cape gown, hood, mask gown, hood, chains

Horny Devil Vampire Ghostly Bride
dress Velvet Dress dress, choker, headpiece
M 14-16 M

Fairy Witch 1 (purple) Fairy Witch 2 (purple) Fairy Witch (green)
dress, hat, arm cuffs dress, hat dress
8-10 10-14 8-10

Dark Worshipper Gothic Count Grave Digger
robe with hood jacket with hat coat, wig
one size one size one size
skull staff not included skull staff not included

Dark Jester Devil Gruesome Grim Reaper
top, trousers, headpiece tunic, belt, cape, horns robe with hood
one size one size L

Scream Goblin Ghost
gown, hood with mask gown, pendant, belt, mask gown, hood with mask
one size one size one size

Ghoul School Prom Queen (5) Mortisha Spider's Web T (7)
dress, sash, gloves, tiara dress dress, headpiece
S(1), M(1), L(1),XL(2) 14 M(2), L(3),XL(2)

Zombee Blue Witch (2) Young Witch 1
top, trousers dress, hat, apron dress, hat
S XXL 8-10

Evening Witch Mummy Queen Young Vampire
dress, hat dress, eye mask, headpiece robe
14 14 14

HellRaiser Pinhead Skeleton Goth Vamp Fairy
robe, mask one piece dress, wings, headpiece
M one size L

Sinister Bo Bo The Clown Evil Clown Disfraz de Bruja
jumpsuit, mask with hair top, trousers, mask with hair dress, headpiece
M M 14-16

Enchantra Mrs Zorro
gown, collar, hat dress, belt, hat, mask, cape
one size M-L
sword not included

Country Girl 1 School Girl Bo Peep
dress skirt, shirt, tie satin dress, hat, staff
10-14 10-14 8-16
basket not included  

Sailor Girl 1 (2) Captain / Officer (2)
dress, hat jacket, trousers, gloves, hat
10-14 L

Traffic Warden French Maid (2) Maid Ooh-La-La
jacket, skirt, hat dress, apron dress with net underskirt, apron, headpiece
10-12 14 8-14
  duster not included

Green Fairy Pink Fairy Neverland Fairy (2)
dress, wings, armbands dress, wings, armbands velvet dress, wings, epaulets, apron, waist tie, wand
8-14 8-14 8-14

Leprechaun (2) Lady Leprechaun Woodland Fairy (2)
trousers-top-bootcover jumpsuit with hooped waist, jacket, hat, ginger beard dress, cape, hat velvet dress with wings, headpiece
M/L 8-14 8-14
wand, bowl not included wand not included

Pirate King Pirate Lady 1 (3) Pirate Lady 2
shirt with attached pants, waistcoat, headpiece dress, bandana dress, headband
XL S & M & plus plus
cutlace, eyepatch not included

Pirate Man Pirate Girl Pirate Mate
shirt, pants, belt, headpiece, eyepatch dress shirt, waistcoat, trousers, belt, bandana
one size 10-14 one size
cutlace and hook not included   cutlace not included

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Bounty Pirate Pirate Man Pirate Lady 3
shirt, pants, bandana, and eyepatch top, trousers shirt, skirt, belt, headband
M M one size
cutlass not included waistcoat, pistol, cutlass not included cutlass not included

Pirate Wench Caribbean Wench
dress , belt dress , belt, bandana
14-16 14-16
Parrot & cutlass not included

Arab Man 1 Arab Man 2 (2) Arab Man 3
robe with over robe, headdress robe, headdress robe, over robe, belt, headdress
one size one size one size

    Egyptian Man          option 1   option 2  
  robe, over robe, headpiece, cross robe, over robe, fez  
  one size one size  

Rumba/Flamenco Rumba/Flamenco Miss Matador
shirt, trousers, belt dress, headpiece jacket, top, trousers, cape, hat
10-14 one size XL

Showgirl/Spanish 1 (2) Showgirl/Spanish 2 Showgirl/CanCan (3)
dress, belt, head flower dress, belt, head flower dress, knickers, garter, hat

Sequin Top & Tails
coat, hat

Japanese Man Geisha Japanese Woman 1
shirt, trousers, belt dress, sash, fan top, pants
one size M plus

Japanese Japanese Woman 2
Kimono 1 Kimono 2
one size one size

Sitting Bull (2) Pocahontas Young Pocahontas
coat, trousers , headband dress, sash belt, armbands top, skirt, leg & armbands
tomahawk not included tomahawk not included tomahawk not included

Indian Woman Indian Squaw Indian Brave
dress, apron, headpiece top, skirt, headband top, trousers, headband
one size 8-14 M
spear not included    

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Cow Girl (3) Saloon Girl Cow Boy
vest, skirt, bandana, belt, hat, sheriff badge vest, chaps, bandana, hat, sheriff badge
Click here for Country & Western Accessories

Farmer's Girl
dress, hat

Flapper - red (2) Flapper - black (2) Flapper - gold
dress, sash, headpiece with feather, cigarette holder, beads dress, sash, headpiece with feather dress
10-14 10-14 10-14
Pimp/Gangster Gangster Diamond Geezer
jacket, trousers, hat jacket, trousers, hat jacket, trousers, hat
Purple Pimp (5) Black Pimp Green Pimp
Velvet stretchy halter neck dress, boot covers and gloves, hat Velvet stretchy halter neck dress, boot covers and gloves, hat Velvet stretchy halter neck dress, boot covers and gloves
10-14 & 16-18 (2) 10-14 10-14
Red Pimp Orange Pimp (4) Red Devil Pimp Daddy
velvet stretchy halter neck dress, boot covers and gloves, hat, cane velvet stretchy halter neck dress, boot covers and gloves, hat velour suit with zebra trim, devil tail, flared trousers, hat with horns
8-12 16-18 M
    trident not included
Grease (2) 60's Minidress (2) 60's Minidress (2)
jacket, pants, pink sunglasses dress dress
10-12 10-14 10-14
Bopper Poodle (2) Rock & Roll (2)
skirt, top, scarf, ankle socks dress, scarf
M & plus 10-14
Disco Fever
jacket, waistcoat/vest with collar, trousers
Hippy 1 Groovy Hippy Hippy 2
waistcoat, trousers top, trousers, headband, necklace waistcoat, trousers
one size one size one size
Go Go Hippy Groovy Man Georgie Girl
dress, headband top, trousers, headband dress, headband
, , ,
1970's 1

Pilot (2)
jacket, trousers, hat

Swiss Surgeon Swiss Nurse (2) Nurse 2
tunic, trousers, mask, headpiece dress, hat, apron  
one size 10-14  
stethoscope not included    

Policeman Lady Cop Lady Cop
jacket with belt, trousers shirt, shorts, hat shirt, shorts, hat
one size 10-14 plus
truncheon and hat, not included truncheon and handcuffs, not included truncheon and handcuffs, not included
Prisoner 1 Prisoner 2 Prisoner 3
top, trousers, hat top, trousers, hat dress, hat
one size one size one size
handcuffs and ball & chain, not included handcuffs and ball & chain, not included
American GI
jacket, skirt, hat with applique wings

  Shrek Fiona  
  top with attached waistcoat, trousers, mask dress, waistband, headpiece  
  L one size  
Fairytale Mermaid (4) Fairytale Butterfly Fairy
long blue dress dress with netted underslip, wings, headpiece
10-12 x2 16-18
12-14 x1
16-18 x1
Postman Pat
suit, shirt front, tie, hat, bag
parcel not included
Fred of Scooby Doo Daphne of Scooby Doo
shirt, trousers, neckscarf, wig dress, wig, neckscarf, boot tops
L 10-12
Ugly Sisters (2) Snow White Snow White 2
dress, scarf, bloomers dress, headband, garter dress, cape, headband
14-16 10-16 XL
Glinda from Oz Scarecrow from Oz Dorothy from Oz
dress, headpiece hat. top, trousers, collar, straw dress
10-14 M 14-16
Cinders Rags Fairy Princess Principal Boy/Girl
dress, top, mop cap dress jacket
10-14 14-16 10
Cruella DeVil Umpa Lumpa
long black dress, wild hair wig, dalmation corset belt, dalmation cape, feather boa, cigarette holder top, dungarees, gloves
14-16 one size
Marilyn Monroe Winnie Wood Pecker SpongeBob Squarepants
dress top, skirt, "hat", feet, gloves one-piece
16-18 M one size

Santa (2) Reindeer (2) Father Christmas
jacket, trousers, belt, hat, beard one piece, headpiece velour
M L & XL &
gloves not included

Miss Santa 1 red (4) Santa gown (2) Miss Santa 2 red
fleece dress, cape, belt, hat gown with hood, belt, beard dress, hat
M (3) & plus one size M
  gloves not included gift not included

Miss Santa 3 pink (2) Unisex Bah Humbug Miss Santa 4 black - Bah Humbug (3)
dress, hat jacket, trousers, belt, hat dress, hat
10-14 M M (2) & plus
  beard not included  

Miss Santa 5 white - Snow Girl (4) Unisex Christmas Elf (4) Miss Santa 6 green sequin (2)
dress, scarf, belt, hat tunic, hat dress, hat
M/L M M & plus
gift not included

Christmas Fairy Christmas Angel Miss Santa deluxe (2)
fur lined dress, hat, wand dress, halo dress, belt, hat, boot covers
10-14 10-16 plus

Christmas Cracker Christmas Tree Mrs Santa
one piece tree shaped tunic, hat dress, hood, gloves
10-16 M M/L

Christmas Elf 1 red - with bells Christmas Elf 2 green (2) - with bells Miss Santa 6 red sequin (2)
dress, belt, hat dress, belt, hat dress, hat

Miss Sparkle Santa red - with bells Santa's Helper Santa suit
tinsel dress, hat, cape, belt dress, hat dress, hat, cape
plus M plus

Santa's Helper 2 Elf suit
dress, trousers, top, hat, belt

Saucy Miss Santa Xmas Miss Santa
dress, hat velvet dress with hood, belt
plus L

Green Santa Black Santa Blue Santa
top, trousers, hat, beard, belt, gloves top, trousers, hat, beard, belt, gloves top, trousers, hat, belt, gloves

SnowDrop Miss Santa 7 Miss Blue Santa
dress with attached hood dress with hood dress, shrug, hat
presents not included

dress, hooded cape, sash belt, halo


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